An experiment in taking OCD and musical evolution to its extraterrestrial limits, VESAN was created in June 2000 as a recording project and performance epithet for the mostly guitar-based musings of G.M. Genovese, its architect and servant.

Just about all of VESAN was written from ages 15-22 (circa 1995-2001). Early songs and albums are predominantly acoustic, maudlin and melancholy, but were recorded, however, quite hastily. Since taking over all aspects of production in 2003, increasingly more intensity, variety, and electricity have come through in the recordings, as well as shades of his warped perspective and humor.

The motive behind recording older material has been, first and foremost, to purge the lobes; second, to practice audio engineering and production; third, to provide points of reflection to aid in the progression of future works.

VESAN is currently based in Philadelphia, PA, USA

Sound logo

SOUND* (formerly Sound Records) is a pseudo-label under which VESAN recordings are released. SOUND was created in Dec. 2002 prior to the release of The Way Out Is Through (SR002). Every VESAN release is accompanied by the ‘a SOUND recording’ stamp.

* SOUND is in no way affiliated with the Sound Records label in Miami, FL that specialized in providing quality breakbeat and electro music to the masses.

SCRATCHBOARD FRED & THE KNOBS OF CHEESE actually dates back to circa Sept. 1994 and has served as an outlet for kookier and collaborative material.

Kooky. Um-num-num-num-num.