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all songs written by Gregory M. Genovese and published by Macula Lutea (ASCAP) [unless otherwise noted]

[the date I finished writing the song is within the brackets*]

* I generally started writing the song not too long before the date of completion.
Any significant lapse of time in the process is indicated, if applicable


A [05 Sep 2001] (index)

Cruise on down the highway to the roadhouse tonight
T' see if I can snatch me some muff (oh!)
Get a honey drinkin' 'til she's legally blind
Take her home and give her The Stuff
Pleasers when they give it, give an inch at a time
Gets the bitches beggin' for more
Me, I send a rocket blasting straight through her spine
'Making love' can be such a bore
(Thrust my load then bust out the door)

Well, I'm up so long, they get burned out
Pound dat pussy alla the time
When I ream and cream, make 'em scream and shout
Sure am doin' Heaven a crime

Grab yourself a beaver by the tail and then run
Skin that baby down on a bed (wowl!)
Don'tcha stop your rhythm 'til your jizm is drawn
Slap 'er in the head with your dick
Teasers, 'less they fake it, take way more than they need
Still, it leaves 'em unsatisfied
Givin' bleeders pleasure ain't no part of the deed
Dude! Whoever told you that lied!

"We could get some dinner and then go catch a movie..."
"A wild night of cocktails and (some) dancing would be groovy..."
Anything, I'm fine with, long as afterwards you give me what is due
All night long i'm gonna be FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKIN YOU!!!

"Oh, can't we stay at home and just watch television..."
"I can't decide alone, oh please, can't you help make decisions?..."
I don't give a damn, there's only one thing that this man is gonna do
Don'tcha know I'm gonna be FUCK (3x) FUCKIN YOU!!! (repeat)
All night long I'm gonna be FUCK (6x) FUCKIN YOU!!!

(c) 2012 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

ACID [01 Aug 1995] (index)

I hope that I’ll be tomorrow
The peep-hole will fry today
My eyes now are shook to pieces
‘Em sweeping the ash away

It’s funny to see the dead out
They’re hiding beside my car
We stumble and bumble-bass floats
And forget just who we are

I’m so high-strung I can’t wake up
It’s slowing down it just won’t stop
Don’t have no more you might throw up
And then I’ll jump in it

Blue fall-child, you’ve fooled another
This soapbox won’t open, yup
My starling is in your coffee
Good day, someone shut me up

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

ALBINO MEAT POD [22 Jul 1995] (index)

It’s getting’ sicker ‘cause it’s never fed
I never feed it ‘cause I’m sick of it
Doesn’t move until it’s time has come
To shoot the soma from a loaded gun

I’m broken – I’m tired
It’s dying – I’m wired
So rancid – it’s evil
And leaking – my will

Keep on drinking ‘til I’m skin and bone
Without disorder I can call my own
The way you spread it doesn’t suit you well
Pass these chances just to fuck yourself?!!

I’ve wasted much too much time
Sittin’ alone with just your number
I’ll have to keep you waiting
With all those holes to puncture

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

ALL OF US [03 Feb 1996] (index)

I’ve taken my time
Want to make you see (that I)
Think the world of you
Sometimes I wonder if you think of me

In my wildest dream
You and me are one in one in…
No matter what, I’ll still love you, but
I ought to know just why that shouldn’t be

All of us are wandering
Waiting for our time
Every day I wished I told you
But all I did was hide

Both of us are running farther
From the world outside
If we can only find the patience
This love will never die

You’re always on my mind
I wonder if you had stayed...
I need to see you smile for me
Then I’ll know that everything’s okay

(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

ANDULSIA [13 Nov 1995] (index)

While you are sleeping, I’m calling your name
Blood trickles thinner – a drug in your veins?
Eyes drawn and dried out, you rise from the bed
Blinded, no feeling, you’re out of your head

I could have died!!!!

Wear you down slowly – I thrive where you lie
Talk to me softly, there’s no need to cry
Slipping through memory, consciousness falls
Wake in a cold sweat – you can’t move at all

I can hate
I can break
I can meddle with the promises you make
Drag you down
Black you out
I can pound you ‘til you’re deadened on the ground

While you are sleeping – I thrive where you lie
Blood trickles thinner – there’s no need to cry
Eyes drawn and dried out – consciousness falls
Blinded, no feeling – you can’t move at all

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

(ANOTHER IMMORTAL) MYTH? [27 May 1998] (index)

Wandering in a smoke screen
No direction, all around me, veins of light
Can’t recall reality
Distant thoughts and mem’ries in suspended flight

Diamonds on black velvet
Shine throughout time, painting dreams to seek and find
Heavenly perceptions
Well within you, streaming visions of a world…outside

Up high
The midnight sky
The changing tides

And on an astral plane I stare into my eyes
Beneath a jade horizon, laughing ‘til I cry
Why? Do you fly?
Like these questions in my mind
Swirling colors, blinding shadows - poison sense sublime
Can you ease my mind for once this time?

(The) lines upon my face
Read between them, conceive me, or I’ll fade away
Offer up your grace
All my heroes bind your strengths to save these days
To play our games

To be your own unchains your fate

(c) 2003 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

ATMOSPHERE [26 Sep 1996] (index)


(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

AWAKE [30 Dec 1996] (index)

Open up your eyes
And free the life you hide inside
It’s not too late
The best will come, you’ll see
A world is waiting at your feet
It’s filled with happiness, I know, if you believe

You can do anything
You can go anywhere your heart desires
If you only take that chance

‘Cause living off your weakest ends
Has got you nowhere fast my friend

You got something good
So don’t waste time by letting lies slide by
Can’t you see when you’ve been taken for?!

I’ve been here for you
For once, just share your mind

I was once so lost, though, I didn’t know
And I’ve been blinded by my emotions
It made me cry to find I…
I was certain all along

Listen if you will
I’m trying hard, I swear, to let you know
That you’ll always have some love right here

I’m not there just yet but I won’t give up
Nothing can take back my sense of worth
I’ll make my tracks
Oh yes, this could last
And if I ever come back
You can bet I’ll be awake

(c) 2003 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


B [01 Nov 2001] (index)

When I wake up, sometimes I can't see any reason for going out
I've had enough of the world out there, and I don't even care
And I don't know just what I'll do if I don't make it through this
Little biddy head trip, multiplying, magnifying, spinning my head around

It seemed when I could finally be winning, I was back at the beginning
And it don't seem right that I can't get respect - I've already been a wreck
Just hope that I can nurse my health or I'm gonna take myself
To a sanitarium, or drown in an aquarium
Filled with lots of alcohol...I'll curl myself into a ball
So tightly that I'll disappear, along with it will go my fears
Oh, could I really be so brave when all I feel is pain?

I've spent my whole life, getting by
Laughing at the clowns who been putting me down
And I do fine, bide my time
Waiting for the night to come
If it seems, at times, I want to cry
I'm just thinking of some place where I'd like to run away
Don't get me wrong, don't wanna bitch
I just want to be

And here you are -
Here for me, if just occasionally
And dear you are -
With words I can't express, but I hope you get the gist of it
Now back to me -
I've been thinking more about it and I'm thinking that eventually

I wanna get away - far, far away
I gotta get away - far, far away
I'll travel by day (cause it's nice to get a suntan)
I wonder where I'll stay

It's on me - let me be
I'll count to three - I'll be quite free

(c) 2012 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

BLACKWOOD [26 Sep 1997] (index)

Just staring down that dark dead end
I couldn’t never tell you lies my friends
Been so long, I sold my simple joys
And now I’m playing with these grown-up toys

When I was only five, boy did I feel alive
Daydreamed just to pass the time way back in Blackwood

I got a guitar and a shower, too
But that don’t mean nothing cause I still feel blue
This voice inside my head says “kill them all”
Can’t fight these giants when you feel so small

Something’s in my way - can’t take this ‘day to day’
Oh lord, I’ll never stay - I’m going to Blackwood

Hey sun! start shining - hey rain! come falling down
My Blackwood’s calling - farewell I’m westward bound

So sorry if you’re bored, I said my peace
I think I’m just as fun as circus fleas
Please let me rest inside these slumbered arms
Then maybe we shall run on funny farms

Why’s it so cold in here? - let’s pound that case of beer
Hey mama, have no fear - I’ll reach my Blackwood soon

(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

BLUR IN MY EYES [29 Aug 1995] (index)

Mother’s waiting child – she’s got something for you
All your life you knew that you could have anything
Through these years I’ve wandered – I’ve been through many places
And in my darkest hour, I found a way to get by

Underneath this silence - lies a mind with wonder
No one understands me - or the path I follow
Stay away from me - I cannot take this torture
Someday, I know that I will forgive myself for what I’ve done

Listen close and you can hear the sound of nothing moving
Run from all your troubles - and they will only find you
Something’s reaching for us - we’d better hold our hands out
Someone’s calling to me - or could it be I’m not awake yet

(c) 2001 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

BRAINDEAD [15 Feb 1996] (index)

Braindead - in my mind
I lost it – once or twice
And what I said today – may or may not be right
But it all depends on what you think – when you haven’t any life

Crazy – is what I am
All these days are just a haze – and I know just how they’ll end

Braindead – it’s only in my mind
No matter what I say or do – nothing turns out right

I want you – more than you know
And though there’s just a thousand days between us – I’d never let you go

You were the one and only (to break me)
I can’t get you off my mind (so make me)
I’m dying for you (to take me)
No I can’t live this lie (so help me)

Somewhere – my heaven waits
And I pray, the Lord, your soul to take this pain away

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

BREAKDOWN BLUES [07 Mar 2001] (index)

I am alone, deep crusted hole
My blood is chunks, my feet so old
Thin fingers, raw, and tongue bone dry
I eat the earth, I shit the sky

An’ every night, the noose pulls tight
Each shallow breath, dreams turn to white
My gut’s on fire, I ain’t no liar
It’s been too long, just too damn tired

You’d think I’d tried by now to haul this carcass out

I got the breakdown, broke down
So down I’m underground blues

So here I crawl, not far at all
My sight all blurred, the hill’s so tall
The road is long, I could be wrong
That devil itch! Must I be strong(?)

Laugh at that I said, I soon sure be stone dead

I got the breakdown, turn around
Pick it up and skip the town blues
Breakdown, shakedown
Thick cemented thousand-pound shoes
Breakdown, low down
To myself, I’m ever-bound blues

(c) 2007 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


COLD DESERT HIGHWAY [27 Jul 1996] (index)

Goin’ alone on a desert highway
I need a little time
Go alone and my head is winding
In and out of the lines
Leave behind all the thoughts that haunt me
Thoughts I can’t explain
Pull the weight of a day that’s dragging
And carry on with the pain

Hope that someday soon I’ll see you
And maybe things will be better then
But as for now I seek a destination
Though I could end up back here again

Couldn’t sleep with the fire burning
I’d lie awake and stare
All I wanted was to make you happy
To show you that I cared
Run away in a pale moon darkness
Bear the tired night
Close your eyes when the sun is rising
And I’ll be out of sight

Believe me when I say the nights are longer
So how much longer is it til this ends?
But as for now I seek a separation
Cause time could change our place as friends

The cold desert highway
Is warmer in my eyes
The winds are blowing my way
Underneath His burning skies

(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

CRASH MAN [29 Sep 1996] (index)

I see your face hanging on the wall
Upon the cross
And I’ve been up here
Or is it down below?
I guess I’ll never know

I’ll send my love
Crashing through the sky
Far from your voice
This child had to fly

I closed my eyes…the light-years I have slept
And thought does not remain at all
But can this ease my mind
‘Cause things were never clear
I wish that you were here

Gliding past the stars
Aboard a lonesome flight
Time, it stills my heart
But the heavens shine tonight (yeah)

High among the clouds
I soar into a world I used to call my home
Though my fate would not agree
This endless paradise belongs to you and me

(c) 2001 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


DO WHAT I CAN'T [19 Apr 1997] (index)

She sailed over the moon, ran away with the spoon
And I became a buffoon

Now it’s over and done with..........what can I do?

What can I do? – I’m so in love with you
When you walked into the room
I knew I needed you soon – but what can I do?

She took off for the hills with a hand full of bills
Now I’m feeling ill

But it’s over and done with..........what can I do?

What can I do? – I’m so in love with you
My heart was pressed in gold
But my heart you took and sold

But what can I do?

lyrics: Jon Wunder    music: gmg

(c) 2004 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

DON’T FEED THE FISH [09 May 1995] (index)

Desperation / I’m down on my knees forever
I woke up late this morning / found my head right beside me
Get up and clean this spaceship / buried in all this paper
I think I need some quiet / can’t it just wait ‘til later
Sometimes it gets confusing / being a slave to flowers
Watch where you point that razor / and don’t feed the fish ‘til daylight

All I hate are these stupid things
Makes no sense about the songs I sing
Play along with what the people say
Save your troubles for another day
Thoughts are crooked, never straight
Knowing that it’s just a day away

Dazed or unconscious / the dragonflies are my neighbors
Shots in the high-rise / help me put out the night-light
Feels like I’m floating farther / deeper into this coma
Talk with the lights out / burning holes in the sofa
This isn’t ‘going somewhere’ / making me sick and tired
Now’s not the time to… / I’m leaving anyway

Look ahead and leave the rest behind
Love to see you if I had the time
Never sorry for who gets the blame
Every answer always sounds the same
When there’s no one to get in the way
Speak your feelings, and stay awake

(c) 2001 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

DREAM DATE DIDDLE-E [26 Mar 2000] (index)

Baby, I’ve been noticing the way you look at me
Your violent eyes do set my heart (hard-on) on fire
And every time I see you, oh, I get weak in the knees
I wish that I could give your holes a try-a

You got some sweet titties and your ass is just right
To sink my claws in when I sodomize
I’ll take you to the sock-hop and we’ll dance away the night
I’ll bring my girl in case that you are bi

You’re the kind of angel that I’ve visioned in my dreams
I’m longing for the day when we’ll be married
But, as for now, I guess I’ll stick to using Vagaline
I’m almost rid of all disease I’ve carried

But if you’re not sure, if you don’t think you’re ready
Oh, can we still go out? (I never said it would be steady)
I’ll take you to the drive-in and we’ll have a swell time
But if you don’t go down on me, you’ll die

Darlin’, you’re the only one
I’ve seen today who I would boff
Without you, I might not go on
Do me, the honor, and get me off

Oh, will you acquiesce to this plea of tenderness
I’m wishing on the brownest star above
The world can all be yours if you be my little whore
I’ll fill you with the deepest kind of love

VagalineTM – a little known ointment/coitus butter with dubious medicinal properties

(c) 2007 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


It’s the extremity of my insanity
The sickness I desire comes from what I can’t do
Without perversion, it’s just so cynical
If I could find a way, I’d find a way to tell you
It’s everything about you

Torture me, yeah, with condescending pain
I’m beggin’, darlin’, please just rape me in my sleep
You’re the inspiration for my masturbation
A painful passion is this queer obsession

But she’s a dropout!
And she’s my beauty queen
Oh, she’s a knockout!
She’s the girl of my dreams

C’mon and get me, I’ll crumble in your hands
But you could make me a slave to your demands
Silver eyeliner running down your legs
It never mattered to me – all the wrong things you’d done
‘Cause sometimes being bad feels so good, I know

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


ERASE EVERY REGRET (THIS TRANCE) [23 Aug 2000] (index)

Peace will come, at last, when I wake up
Endless hours of wistful rotting done
Dwelling in unconscious dream no more
All of this, I’m sure, was said before

I wish I could…I wish we might
I wish I’d just shut up sometimes
No one’s home inside my head
They’ve all moved out but linger by

Summer’s lax indulgence brings brief joy
Labors of the season, for some reason, still annoy me
Burn this room and burn my life – cut my throat and bleed
I’ve yet to stop and give myself what I really need

The listless days…the restless nights
And thoughts of you don’t help
Leave hope to die?
Flood me with light
You’re kidding yourself…there’s no point in waiting

Have you been a stranger because I’ve been strange?
The distance between us will last through this trance
Erase every regret - there’s nothing I’d change
I just want to get up and join the dance

(c) 2003 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


THE FALL [18 Jun 2001] (index)

This, my friend, begins the fall
A chance to leave but not to chase it all away
I thought of that before (some more)

Should I soon begin to crawl
I’d might as well just curl into a ball and die
Pray example's made of this

If you decide one day that you can wait no longer
(To) take that ride - the time away (sacrifice) could make you stronger
Of course, I could be wrong
You’ll have to find out on your own

The seven moons of zeal have gone, again
The youth’s revived illusions of escape will end
I realized I’ve been free
Free from grinding circles to my knees

(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

FRATRICIDE [17 Mar 2001; music & concept circa. 1998] (index)

Knock! Knock!
Who’s there?!
We’re lowly freshmen and we want some beer
No cunt?!!
Don’t even think about coming in here ‘cause we’ll throw you out

What’s this I’m hearing – we’re no good for you?!
Typecast outside of your kin
C’mon boys, let’s go and get some toys
I think I know a way to get us in

We cased the place – so little space!
We’re gonna have ourselves one ugly chase
Grab your bats! Grab your knives!
Can’t wait to hear them pleading for their lives

We have we done?!! We have we done?!!
Convinced yourselves you’re better ‘cause you wear some stupid letters!!!
You have no right to choose our fate!!!
That may be true but, then again, your cries won’t validate!

With egos big, they think they stand so tall
But can their muscles stop this chain saw?!!
To think of what they’d do without their dicks?!
Been craving blood and now I’ll get my fix

What’s this I’m hearing – we’re no good for you?!
Typecast outside a locked door
It puzzles me why it’s allowed to be
It’s truly they who are the shameless whores!

Hey bro! Don’t run away!
We’re gonna play a game called ‘Judgment Day’!
You’re all The Damned – we are The Gods
You thought you’d fool us with that cheap façade?!!

What have we done?!! What have we done?!!
Nothing of importance
But we’re having such fun!
I’ll give you this…my hot, steaming piss!
Burning down your throat and searing wounds as you DIE!!!

You’d think they use their bond for moral good
That’s not the purpose of this ‘brotherhood’
They breed pretentious, hedonistic pride
The clear solution here is: FRATRICIDE!!!

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

FRAZZLED, TO BEYOND [13 Mar 1996] (index)

Once, there was this boy
The cat had caught his tongue
Sailed away to Saturn on an iron lung
Couldn’t find his parents
They left him here to grow
Flying with the pixies in a carnival show

Blew upon my window
A letter from the dead
Knocked the knees from Cassidy…until they bled

Mmm, mmm
It’s a hell of a life
Mmm, mmm
Do you have the knife?
And it’s cold outside…let’s go for a swim

Halloed by the victims
Carnage in my eyes
Does it make me wonder who’s surprised?
A jellybean, a rainbow
It’s cloudy in my head
Does it make you wonder what the hell I meant?

And it’s light outside…I want to go in

(c) 2003 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


GREAT ONE [06 Oct 1995] (index)

He’s the Great One – he’s as quick as a flash
Swipe you for your pornos, all your CDs and cash
He’s a High One – he’s a product of drugs
The leader of a legion of some losers and thugs
He’s a Dry One – he’s as dry as the gin
Or give him 40oz and he’ll pour it right in

Such a shame that you don’t know his name
He don’t mind – he’s the Great One

He’s a Bad One – he’s a time bomb on feet
A crazypsychomotherfucker – never been beat
He’s a Black One – black as night in his lungs
‘Rod without a muffler from the hits from the bong
He’s a Shrewd One – but he’ll give you a dime
Hire you for murder if he don’t have the time

None of your business
This is his business
His kind can’t suppress
Fucked up again

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


HELLBENDER (part 1) [22 Jul 1995] (index)


(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

HELLBENDER (part 2) [31 Aug 1995] (index)

Once, I wish that they would stop and find me here alone

I’m so cold down here, it hurts

If I could start over now, it might not be the same

And if chance they find me, they’ll lose me forever

(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

HOLLOW WALL [23 Apr 1995] (index)

Something tells me that the skies weren’t always up above
I’ll be sorry if I lose the only thing I love

Listen to me…I’m talking to a hollow wall
You put your head on backwards once again
I think I’m more happy when I’m almost broke (with nothing left to follow me)

Going nowhere, moving slower
Leave me standing when I want to go
See you later down that escalator
Take me higher when I’m sinking low

Heading towards and island with a silent castle
On my way to a place where roads don’t have a name

Twisting, turning down this ladder
I’ll shave my head with broken glass
Everyone is playing shadow (standing in my overcast)

I’ve got no place, but I don’t mind
These things I have were never mine
We’ll live and die in half the time
Don’t worry ‘cause it will be fine

(c) 2001 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

HYPNOSOMN [25 Nov 1995] (index)

I sleep at night all by myself
Alone in bed with on one else
I look outside to see the sky
And dream away ‘til morning’s light

I vision things I’d like to see
And hope one day they’ll come to be
I wake up then, I’m on my way
Another time…some other day

Look alive today
I’ll stand by you if you stay
Sleep my life away
In this comfort which I lay

I think too much, so this I’ve found
Tomorrow’s chance to think out loud
I’ll se you then, you know I will
Despite what’s said, I’ll love you still

(c) 2003 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


I AM NOTHING [02 Aug 1996] (index)

I am a fetal mind
I am a fractured soul
Am I the one you think you know?
I am the crooked fence
I am the lazy eye
I sit and watch as days go by

I am the shallow grave beneath a callous lake
And what is found there is hard to say
I am the poise in dance
I am a wasted chance
I am the master of these hands

And with these hands I’d break through chains
If it would free your life of pain
But what is done was meant to be
This isn’t what you want from me (?)

I am your heartless thoughts
I am the one who’s not….
Right there beside you when you cry
Right there inside you when you lie

I’m uneraseable
But am I visible?
Oh, am I nothing in your eyes?
If I am nothing, tell me why

(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

I ESCAPED MY OWN DEATH [07 Feb 2000] (index)

Now that your mind is free
Come outside and play with me today
The sky is open wide
The sun will dry the tears we’ve cried

With patience your star, at last, you stand on high
Still, there’s one more mountain left to climb
So lift up your head
There’s nothing to dread beyond your childhood

A flower of youth, you bloomed before your time
The garden’s gift, you gave a scent divine
Your beauty still grows
Just weed out the woes that starve your fertile mind…and you’ll be fine

The king may try to keep your heart at bay
A maiden sighs and casts her bliss astray
But don’t shed your means
A weary hell, though it seems
Your dreams could lift you out
Of that, I have no doubt

Be honest and true, especially to you
It’s easy to fool yourself, believing all pleasures are good

Glide up above, over the darkest clouds
Voices will sing, you’ll hear the truths aloud
Oh, if you should fall…know you did, that is all
To wake with grateful ease and feel what few can see

The quest should be sought
But the path isn’t paved
While some can be taught, not all can be saved

So long soldiers, so long faith
Why should I stay when, through life, I escaped my own death?

(c) 2003 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

I FELL THROUGH A GLASS CEILING [18 Jul 1995] (index)

Today, I ran away and hid myself
Because the gerbils tried to drag me down to Hell
But my angel came and took them all away
Just to leave me here alone beside the day

I said…
That I had been here, once before
In a dream

A butterfly distracted my view
And I fell through a glass ceiling to you
The nails are driven deeper into me
Dropped below the clouds just to see

The rest…
Floating farther from my hands

And then they’re gone

(c) 2003 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

IDAHO [07 Apr 1998] (index)

Each day, it's the same old livin'
It's time I took a stand
The only way to avoid misgiving
Is to do the best you can
But I should take my own advice
Some quiet time away'd be nice
I've made too much excuses for my pain

I've never seen a West Coast sunset
California style
I wanna sail the Pacific Ocean
And make it to the Nile
But all I seem to do is dream
It's the biggest waste of time, you'd see
I've gotta pick myself up and just do it

Hey, Idaho
Not since summer had I thought I
Could hide away in a peaceful daydream
And never wake up (no)
Hey, I don't know
I think you might be the key to my
Break from seclusion in this sad state of mine

This whole life will be some adventure
Once I'm on the move
And though I know it won't always be heaven
I'm sure I'll find a groove
Cause all I need is the strength to be
The cream of a greater American Dream
Seems to me I'm almost halfway there now

(c) 2006 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

IN YOUR HEAD [10 May 1995] (index)

I can’t explain why I think you’re a pain
I don’t want to know you
Don’t mean to complain but I’ll say it again
I can’t really stand you
You hate everyone who’s not exactly like you
Well, who’d want to be you?
I don’t want you here, or near me at all
You better clean up this Act

You think you can get away with anything
Truth is not in your vocabulary
The whole world is always out to get you
It’s eating at you in your head

I can’t explain why you’re the person to blame
For all of my problems
I’m so sick of your shit that I am going insane
I bet you don’t even care

Go to hell with all your fucking bullshit
I don’t care for what you have to say
Don’t think you’re gonna get away with this
I’ll get from within your head

Beat my message in your head

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

ISOLATED [01 May 1995] (index)

Go to sleep, and when you wake up, I’ll be gone
I’m leaving today to get away from everyone
The only friend I have is in my head
Sometimes I wonder if it all will come to end

Heading nowhere ‘cause I got no place to go
Feeling tired so I think I’ll take it slow
Seems like nothing has ever gone my way
I’ll wake tomorrow, but it still will be the same

The sky is grey tonight
Underneath the white
Hopeless, roaming through the wind and rain
Isolated, alone again

But I will find what I am searching for
And when I find it, I don’t want no more
No more

(c) 2001 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


JESUS, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE [31 Jan 1996] (index)

Jesus, it’s cold outside
Send me on down some sun
Jesus, do you hear me callin?
It’s like I’m talking to a wall

We’ve always had each other
To get along when the skies were gray
You know I need the power
To get me through another day

Jesus, I’m scared of what I might do
Hell is gonna freeze by the time I’m through
And what’s the use with the things I got
My mind is a wreck and my tongue is in a knot

Jesus, I can never get a grip on my life
Don’t talk to nobody cause I don’t want to fight
But if I’m gonna fly, you know I’ll take you along
Together, both in heaven, no, we’ll never go wrong

Darlin, it’s cold outside
It must be 90 degrees below
Honey, I need your lovin
Then forever I will never be cold

(c) 2006 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


KILL YOURSELF [06 Sep 2011; concept, title, and some riffs circa late 2001, or earlier] (index)

Are you strong enough.....to endure some tribulation?
Are you smart enough.....to make light of mild frustration?
If irritation comes fast - could be that stick up your ass

Dontcha have enough? Does your blood flow just from buying?
Do you need that stuff.....to prevent your ass from dying?
Cut off your ease to consume, 5 bucks it sets off your doom

Roaming, reveling might stir the heart
And bitching, moaning won't getcha far

Don't fail to see clearly the big picture before
Though we've each our own body, we're a part of much more
But if you'd tear without trifle, grab a rifle and....

Kill yourself - there's not much hope for you
Here, I'll tell you what to do (wait........okay)
Kill yourself - point the barrel in between your eyes
Behind them blink "self-pity" and "accessorize"....(gunshot)....that's all!

Are you hot enough - to ignite raw lust, fuel fantasy?
Do you got the touch - to fulfill dreams in reality?
Without objective for sex, is your self-image in shreds?

Sickness, hunger all in this world
And some dudes cry the blues about a girl?!

They ain't worth the heartache, but we choose our own pain
In the relative sense, most of our grief is insane
And as for help from above, you best give up on love and...

Kill yourself - it might just change your luck
But you'll probably fuck it up
Kill yourself - no more can you complain
It'd be the only thing you do that ain't in vain

DO IT! Go on and do it, kill yourself
What now? You need some help?!
I'll scratch your itch, I'll flick the switch, I'll slit your wrists, I'll cut your throat
I'll dump your parts off of your boat, no one will care, no one will know
I'll tie the noose, I'll cook your goose, I'll cock the hammer, pull the trigger
Why keep it simple? I see it bigger - burn down your house, blow up your town
Why go alone? Your friends, your family, enemies, folks you don't know
Let's take 'em out, see you don't fail....

...to see clearly, life goes on without you
Though we've each our own trouble, most are worse off, it's true
Take all your comforts away, you wouldn't last a day, you'd....

Kill yourself - you lack the nerve to cope
So I suggest you find yourself a rope..........and.....
Kill yourself - but ya gotta think about your skull
Without a spine, the head won't stay attached for long
A major inconvenience everything's to you
Piss away your money cuz you've shit to do
Get busy tarting up because it's all a show
To really need and suffer you will never know

(c) 2012 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


LEAD [14 May 1995] (index)

I woke up late one morning not knowin where I was
Dried up and in remission – nights were getting too long
Been around and had my share of all the shit that’s in this town
When in doubt, just take what you can until you hit the ground

I’m so down on my luck
No one has no money for me
Come on now and pick me up
I could use the lift

Found a shotgun down by the riverside – blew a hole straight thru the sun
Knocked over trashcans as I stumbled – running from the cops

Hate, break, live, die
Knowin it’s my time to leap into the sky
Set the house on fire
‘Cause I know that I’ll get by

Nobody wants me – I don’t really care
You’re the one who did this to me – I know it isn’t fair

(c) 2004 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

LICORICE [23 Feb 1995] (index)

Messin in that mud all day
Knock you over, but she just plays
Scrapin up that sliding door
Sleepin on that hardwood floor

Doggy dog dog dog
Doggy dog dog dog
Doggy dog dog dog
Doggy doggy doggy doggy

Rippin up my pair of shoes
Chewin on a stiff raccoon
Runnin around, try to get that bird
Rollin in a mess of turds

Jumpin on the neighbor’s mom
Tearin up old Gummy’s arm
Hackin on a chicken bone
Man’s best friend will eat you whole

(c) 2004 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

LIQUID BLUE [19 Aug 1995] (index)

Floating through the waves
The currents draw my soul away
Withering or dead
The vultures spiral overhead

If I could only fly
I’d soar beyond the moon and star
Until the day it dies
I’m searching for the answers why

Sinking down too fast
The chance to breath has long since passed
Stretch so I might see
Dissolve within the tides in me

(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

LITTLE GIRLS [03 Mar 2001] (index)

Goin to my lady's, round the turn at 80
Saw her wave me down from the side
Luscious lil looker, took her for a hooker
Couldn't help but offer a ride
She said, "I like your car...you plan on goin far?"
"For you", I said, "I'll go round the world!" (oh!)
Nevermind my worries, nevermind my hurry
I'll always brake for cute little girls

Couldn't wait til Monday, called me up on Sunday
Beggin me to take her to school
If she wants exxxtra credit, she knows "get down and spread it"
And that, my friends, (is) the Golden Rule
When she's good, she gets an A - I'll get mine all the same
She's the sweetest teacher's pet in the world
I'll stay away from chapels, as long's I get them apples
You gotta love those good little girls

Well, every other night that prima parasite
Would drop by just to suck off my skin
Not after very long, ya feel like rollin on
But, Lord, how deep I got myself in!

Just when I had thought I finally got a green light
Made my way to bolt out the door
She comes out a'screamin, thought I was a'dreamin
Yellin that she wants it some more
I said, "You lil slut, Id' love to stay here but...
Aw, hell, love don't come cheap in this world!"

Once you've rocked the cradle, it's so hard to be able
To give up rockin sweet little girls

(c) 2012 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

LOOKING INTO THE LIGHT [22 Mar 1997] (index)


(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

THE LULL OF FALLING WATERS [16 Apr 1998] (index)


(c) 2003 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


THE MAN WHO SPEAKS [17 Oct 1996] (index)

I take a look all around and what I see gets me down
This sense of hate that I found has slowly built up inside
It’s just a sign of the times – ‘cause everyone here is blind
A vain, material pride has spawned a pitiless waste!!! – VAIN!!!

And what’s with their attitude? Don’t make me out to be rude
You see, I’m not in the mood to keep on taking their shit
Until I do find a way without a reason for fray
Oh, tell the papers today: this voice inside me’s insane!!! – You’ll pay!!!

Deny – their lies
Comply – the man who speaks is real
Feel – the pain
Of the wretch who has sustained

Is this a question of race? Or just an absence of faith?
I think you’ll find, at this rate, that the sand’s running out
And when the hourglass breaks all the crazed will escape
Just think the hell it will make – to raise the ultimate cain!!! – Insane!!!

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

METAMORPHRUSTRATION [15 Jul 1999] (index)

Get along alright all by myself
Thanks for asking, no I don’t want help
Sell me out and you can go to hell
I’m on my own

Life is swell, but I still complain
Same old people, same old shit each day
Thought I quit, but there I go again
It’s all I know

Got no woman, but I got me time
Keep a picture of her in my mind
And, if I could, I’d leave it all behind
But keep my head

Give me credit, give me what I want
Give me patience with that stupid cunt
All I’m asking for is simple fun
And one big bed

No hope for the naïve
No time for my life
So what, eventually, they’re all gonna die

No one told me that I had it good
But now I know it ‘cause I think I should
And though he’s gone, I wish I could
Just kill the fear

Look around at what a mess they’ve made
And no one cares as long as they get paid
So, while you’re at it, mind as well get laid
The end is near

No hope for the naïve
No time for my life
No hope for the high class
No time for my time
No hope for the old crowd
No time for these lies
Your God says, “I know this isn’t right…
So what, eventually, they’re all gonna die.”

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

MODERN GARBAGE [30 Jan 1997; 20-30% of lyrics revised 05 Feb 2003] (index)

I’m a rebel on the TV screen
And I’m projection of your fantasies
You see me sterilized on magazines
A packaged product, sweet and sugary
So I got famous from a simple song
That endless wonder you can’t help but love
You know the words and how to sing them well
It blows my mind just what The Man can sell

‘Round the pastures the wolf is frothing
A feast before him that’s fit for a king
Shrewd-cum-parasitic – they’ll corkscrew through the heart
It’s through their skin that they sing

I’m not the picture of propriety
Like you, a victim of society
You got my posters on your bedroom walls
‘Cause all you groupies think I got it all
‘Cause I’m a Freak and I’m a Satanist
An A-list icon with athletic wrists
And while you revel in this ‘heresy’
They’ll pat your souls but leave the questions be

Now who’s these reckless punk-rock heroes?
Your flash and brood carcinogen
But when that fix you need can’t save you
Who will you run to then?

Free your mind from the mindless
Scrape the shit from your ears
What you need is object cleansing
Just get the messages clear!

I’m a rockin’, rollin’ suicide
You know I hate myself and want to die
There’s nothing purer than my apathy
A hopeless loser I prefer to be

Teenage angst is a wash-out
But, still, it’s so hip to cry
You’ll spend a fortune to build your Heaven
But Void will eat you in time

So I’ll pretend that I’m your Superstar
Shine a light upon me where I stand
Let me hear you scream my name out loud
I’m gonna thrill you like no other

Underneath I’m uninspired
Can’t risk revealing my true face
Leave me be, but leave the bottle
The cheapest faith to embrace

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

MURRAY [26 Feb 1995] (index)

Cheese is in the oven, an’ flies are on the dog
Berries in my ears, made some rulers form a log
Went swimming on the racetrack, spittin on a frog
Stripped down to my undies as I’m sittin in a bog

Welcome to my world – I’d like to let you in
It starts off by getting weird – it’s where it finishes and begins
Come into this jungle and run around these shores
While you’re here you’ll need a boat – but it don’t come with the oars

Stinko, Winko, & Blinko are standing by the bar
Cats infested the motorhome and the toast is in my car
Rules should be broken by pissin really far
Day of blue & skies of white – stealin candy from a czar

You never know what’s happening until ya jump right in
Now here’s a little hint to find out where this trip begins
Run over forest animals – broken knee and fractured skin
‘Fraid I’ll have to leave you ‘cause my house began to spin

lyrics: Jon Wunder    music: gmg

(c) 2004 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


NINE FOR NOTHING [01 Jul 1995] (index)

I’m just as simple as I want to be
I wouldn’t ever change a thing
Don’t give damn about my apathy
Until the day I go insane
I’m just a prisoner of my own bad luck
But I’ll be damned if I’m refused
Never said I was too good enough
To ever change this attitude

The life that’s left in me is as good as dead
It’s fallen from this grasp I’ve held
With all confusion, it had blown away
I’m still not feeling very well
I plugged my ears up ‘til I could not hear
Sat and listened with my face
If I had only lasted one more day
I wouldn’t be so out of place

I’m just as simple as I want to be
I wouldn’t ever change a thing
Don’t give damn about my apathy
Until the day I go insane
I’m just a prisoner of my own bad luck
What is this weakness that I face?
If I had only lasted one more day
I wouldn’t be so out of place

(c) 2003 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

NINJA MIND POSSESSION [23 Jul 2006] (index)

Long ago, in a far-off land (whispered: “Japan”)
Was these 2 cats – were best of friends
And through the years, fought to win the hand
Of one true, foxy geisha

Well, one ‘came prince – made her his bride
The one sold fish at the wall outside
Oh, bitter pride – know not, he’d soon
Have ninja mind possession

Each day, he’d see his one true love
Looking fine in the mado above
To his surprise, she came down, said “Hi!”
Squeezed his eel with tension

At once was cast a wicked spell
Bewitched, into his arms she fell
Somehow, he knew, he gained the skill
Of ninja mind possession

(c) 2007 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

NINJA STAR [19 Dec 2004] (index)

It’s cold out there in the mean city streets
A fever is burning and you’re down on your luck
You say “Hello!” to the people you meet
But they spit in your mouth and they don’t give a fuck

So your life is this meaningless struggle
You hunger for glory, but you eat shit and grin
Nothing short of the losingest loser
It’s clear that you’ve got what it takes to WIN!!!

The endless sorrow
The broken dreams
Why reach tomorrow?
It’s much worse than it really seems
This desperation
Can make you drop
Just one thing left to do…

Ninja Star – yeah, you have the key
Ninja Star – and you have the power
Ninja Star – oh, do you believe it?!
Ninja Star – yeah, that’s what you are!

Ninja Star – the heat is rising higher
Ninja Star – feel it in your bones
Ninja Star – nothing’s gonna stop you
Ninja Star – yeah, that’s what you ARE!!!!!

(c) 2004, 2007 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

N.T.G. [06 Mar 1995] (index)

Time, it passes by so fast and soon it fades away
Everybody has to leave this life someday

You’ll soon forget what it was like to be
Free from all responsibilities
The ones who were true friends to me
Will be there when I die

Seems just like it was only yesterday
Why on earth did this come so unexpectedly?

Remember nothing, but I won’t forget
I saw him when I lost my consciousness
But now, I feel less than I did before
It’s not too long to wait

Not too much to stay
Not too hard to try
Not too late, this time, to say goodbye

(c) 2001 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


ON THE WINGS OF A NINJA [22 Oct 2006] (index)

Seemed I had lost all my hope
Watching the world go by
Now I’ve got a friend
I won’t have to take my life
Got me feelin’ so…


How could I help? You know, I didn’t have a stretcher handy
I wasn’t sure, but then you lured me with your ninja candy
(I said) “Boy, are you in luck…
I’m gonna play with his nunchuck!”

Papa always told me
I was born an outcast
But now that I’m a ninja
He can shove it up his ass

On the wings of a ninja
I feel I can fly, so fucking high
On the wings of a ninja
I’ll never come down
To this ninja I’m bound
And we’re soaring so high
My feet can’t see the ground

I bet your jealous now

We took some pik’chas and we played a little dress-up
We got some burgers, but those jerks forgot the ketchup

When I get older
I’ll look back and think
Of the times we both had
All the joy and the sadness
Though you’ll be gone
You’ll live on through me
When I KICK ASS!!!

On the wings of a ninja
I feel I can fly, so fucking high
On the wings of a ninja
I’ll never come down, so high off the ground (so high)
On the wings of a ninja
I think I can fly; I’m so fucking high (I never knew that ninjas could FLYYYYY)
On the wings of a ninja
True love I have found
And we’re soaring so high
My feet can’t see the ground

I bet your jealous now

(c) 2007 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

ONE MOMENT, TWO PEOPLE [08 Apr 1997] (index)

One moment…
Can feel like it lasts several years
Two people…
Who don’t know the reason they’re here

Day after day, I sit here
Wondering why you are so sad
Wondering what you may be thinking
Wishing you would if I had…

Ten fingers…
On two hands that ache to know touch
Three hours…
I can’t sleep, I want you too much

Day after day, I’m thinking
Wondering what more I can do
Show me the path I should follow
The steps I must take to have you

One moment…
Could last us the rest of our lives
Two people…
Look at me and know in my eyes

(c) 2001 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

ONLY LOOKS GOOD FROM BEHIND [04 Mar 2001] (index)

Have you seen that woman hangin all over town?
She got the boys all crazy cause they can't pin her down
As far as I've been told, no one's found out her name
But if she gotta body, hell, it's still all the same

The sooner that she's mine and the sooner I'll be fine
And the sooner that I'm fine, I'll be cooler, bottom-line

Finally found a nightspot where I'd heard she would be
Ask some dudes about her and they showed her to me
I started walking over, then I blink, and she's gone
I gotta meet this kitty, shit, I'll wait here til dawn

Baby looks good (do you think that I can just get her to...)
If she wants it, then she should (never tell her mother)
Call me some time - lookin good like that's a crime
Keep it kinda tight (cause it's better when it hurts a little...)
Take me to your backside, and I'll take ya through the night

Eyes are getting heavy but I'm keepin them peeled
Then I see her bending over and my fate has been sealed
Leather hot pants and some high heels to match
Gonna jump her like a lion and devour that catch

Could this be love? (Could she be the one?)
Cause she's blowin my mind
I'd give her all my lovin...
But she only looks good from behind
(I'll tell ya what I'll give her now....)

Don't know what I was thinking - what's come over me, wow!
A fool I was for drinking - far too late for me now
Still, I can't imagine why I kept up this chase
I got her where I want her but I can't bear that face

(c) 2012 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


RABID [07 Aug 1995] (index)

Where have you been?
I have been here waiting for you
Would you let me in?
All you’ll get is what you’d die for
It was just a lie
They don’t know the truth about it
When I walk away
Who will hold you when you’re crying?

Don’t make me want to hurt you
I cannot be alone
Someday I’m sure I’ll find you
But you won’t ever know

Patience is so thin
I try to sleep but someone’s watching
The candle burns my eyes
But I feel these scars all over
Come to understand
This hesitation drags this sentence
And leaves the rest for none
Despite the pain, I still feel rabid

(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

(RETRO) ELECTRIC HAND PUPPET [01 Sep 1995] (index)

Hey, are you talking to me?!!
I can’t stand it when you fuckheads got something to say
Yeah, I see him staring at me!
He thinks he’s got a problem, but he just won’t say it
Hey, get your hands off of me!
I’ll show you what it’s like to have a hand in your face

You get in little groups and your mouths keep running
But you don’t know nothing, but you’re still saying something
Do you think you’ll bring me down? Don’t you know I am above you?
But, go on, talk your shit if you wanna get it going

Hell, I’m not afraid of the truth
If my pride or my mind is the least I can lose
Man? Is that a man that you are?!!
Show it when my bitches drag you outta your car
Yeah, you know what happen to you?
Thought you were ‘the man’ but now you’re broken and bruised

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

RODE RUNNER [16 Aug 2000] (index)


(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)



It’s the government conspiracy of my life
All the evil blue giraffes are going on strike
And the talking shoelaces made me kill the frog
As I hid the spanish galleon in the mucky bog

The man in the sugar bowl stole my car
It was him, not me, who drove it thru the bar
As my dog told me stories ‘bout a man named Gene
And the random explosion of a beauty queen

How the holocaust of persia sparked the disco rage
While the fetal wooly mammoth remains in his cage

He was put there by aliens from outer space
Who came with all the sugar to corrupt the human race
As they took Elvis Presley up into their ship
They just left Nixon with his plutonium hip

Hid all the stolen money from the plastic garbage czar
So Marilyn Monroe and I hopped into her car

And I kicked the winning goal and won the trophy cup
My television series was on the up an up
But the freezing cold of summer knocked me to my knees
As the princess of my island let me do what I pleased

But her pineapple smoothies had gone sorta bad
So I just shaved my head with a steel wool rag
Yeah, the mafia cover-up screwed my wife
It’s the government conspiracy of my life

lyrics: Jon Wunder   music: Jon Wunder, gmg

(c) 2004 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

SMILIN' COWBOY [07 Dec 1996] (index)

In my dream you were my queen
And the air was clean
Things don’t seem as they seem in my dream

I had control of your body and soul
I was on a roll
I took you to the hole in my very soul

But I know this can only happen in my head,
‘Cause the things that I’m thinking always go unsaid
And I’ll regret it til the day I end up dead

Whatever’s in my head

This life of mine grows hard with time
I need to stay in line to keep on feelin fine
In this struggle of mine

In my bed you were in my head
But the scene was dead
You never heard what I said

In my empty bed

lyrics: Jon Wunder    music: gmg

(c) 2004 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

SOUTH OF SILVER CITY [01 Aug 1998] (index)


(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


TRAIL OF A SOUL [14 Nov 1997] (index)

Sweet sacred being
Free-floating in the breeze
You see, I’ve fallen from grace
I’ve fallen from space

Out under morning sky
Night wanderer, cold and tired
These dreams are nothing more than life
A life that will not die

Sleep soundly mother
Your baby’s alright
Rest through this darkness in which I ride

Lost I am from all
Flying behind four walls
I’ve climbed through windows of despair
To bask in silent air

Don’t worry mother
I promise I’ll try
Please just believe me
I’m alright

(c) 2003 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


UNLEASHED [06 Jun 2001] (index)

Make way vile earth, here comes the sound
Grip tight, hard drive, the cards are down
Full tanked, no thoughts corrupt with fate
No chance, no time, our glory awaits

With nerve at the reins, the avower
Sensations of triumph prevail
Free will - thrill kill
For most, their feeble mind's a jail

One night, full on, we fought the gods
Set ways = slow death - so go the odds
Eyes wide, soul high, our quest is clear
Get up, get off - the end is fear

The depths of regret will devour
The hearts of a guileless race
No balls? That's all...
I think the effort will just go to waste
(I bet you'd die to have just one small taste)

Into the flames of Hell we'll ride
Fueled by uncertain dawn
Head long til we reach the other side
Unleashed from the chains of law

(c) 2012 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


VERBAL ABUSE [23 Jun 1995] (index)

This time it’s gonna be different
There’s no need for these simple mistakes
I’m all broken from this feeling
And there’s only so much more I’ll take

Can’t you see? It’s not that easy
Take it back – all those things you said
You keep feeding me this agitation
How can I get my message through your head?!!

I can’t stand this verbal abuse
I can’t stand your verbal abuse
You can’t stand on a dais of rule

You can’t fool me with that fucking excuse again!

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


WASTED ALL DAY [08 Dec 1997] (index)

Listen, baby, I'm tired of arguing every day
Hear me, woman, I can't live with us being this way
No matter how much you may try
You won't take my bottles away

So many nights, honey, your love couldn't satisfy
You know you're my only, darling, but sometimes I can't help but cry
I'm dying like a lost soul for heaven
Oh, my lord, I need my whiskey tonight

If I were a mountain, I'd stand up so tall
No, never, would I seek this shelter
Sweet confusion and pinned to the wall
She told me my blood was to blame
Oh well, mama, I'm drinkin again

If I had the patience, then I'd make amends
The lover I left with indifference would always remain til the end
I swear on my life, my little angel, all my words have been spent

Spent my last paycheck on liquor and lovin all night
You say that it's so wrong, but, honey, it always feels right
Ain't nothing gonna make me stay sane
Only one thing that'll kill all the pain
Babe, I need you, but ain't it a shame?
I gotta be wasted all day

(c) 2012 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

WEINER-DOG LAND [07 Jan 1997] (index)

Deep in the jungle you can find lots of mongrels – but they haven’t been seen there in years
Laughing and playing, barking and braying, and pullin at each other’s ears

But just last week I found this place, and was happy for a little while
Weiner dogs as far as the eye could see – made me so excited that I really had to pee

Magical land – weiner-dog land
Seeing the the sausages makes you feel grand
Wonderful land – weiner-dog land
One in your pocket and one in your hand

Down in the valley there’s a huge bowling alley – the league plays there on Tuesday
Itchin and scratchin, drinking and laughing – and hittin the 7-10 split

Beautiful land – weiner-dog land
You can get em like sardines – freshly or canned
Squishyful land – weiner-dog land
Under the heat lamps they get quickly tanned

Deep downtown in weiner-dog square, I danced with the little dogs
It was a wonderful time that was filled with glee – until one of the little bastards used me for a tree

lyrics: Jon Wunder    music: gmg

(c) 2004 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

WHAT WAS, NO FURTHER [19 Jan 2000] (index)


(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

WHO IS THIS I SEE? [24 May 2000] (index)


(c) 2001 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


YELLOWHAMMER [24 May 1997] (index)

When I think of the love that I want
I think of the love that I lost
Ain’t nothin' but damn fru-stratin' - thinkin' all of the time

Inside I want it so bad, but do I need it?
I've had my chances, all I wasted, and now I'm sad?

All I know is that the talk is dying
And it’s a poor excuse to tell 'em that I’m trying
I got one strength and one motivation, but I….

Never made that connection - or had I(?)…
Only scratched the surface of an empty shell?

Every so often it creeps into my heart and my hands and my eyes
And it seems so clear yet it feels so far from my hands
And my mouth can only mumble - I’m so far beyond control of it

Won’t be too long 'til I lose my mind
And I’ll look at my hands and see they’re shaking
What the hell am I supposed to do?
You’re all yellow, but I know I’m too
This whole damn town has got me thinkin' 'bout jumpin' off some high rise
And when I think of the love I want, I wanna take my hammer
And throw it down - just throw it down

(c) 2009 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

YOU AIN'T COOL IN HIGH SCHOOL [25 Feb 2012; concept, title, and some riffs circa late 2001, or earlier] (index)

"Greatest time of your life!"

Well, you knew nothing of burden and ya weren't responsible for your hide
Your games and your image were enough to keep your nut occupied
Witness here the essence of the punk kid's po

Now you got some of your own and in your home they'll grow to follow your lead
At least, their welfare's your goal and on the surface keep appearances clean
A daily does of real dope is the only feed they're gonna need

Don't you find this again and again?
Such pretension across this great land
Can't speak for your pride...
We're all pink and narrow and stulted inside

You ain't cool in high school
Lemme tell ya where I think ya went and done thunk it wrong
A boarder from birth, a ward of your turf
To think you're something special being put on this earth
You ain't cool in high school
But go ahead and have your fun 'cause when it's done, it's done
And then you must roll on

My, oh, my, how blind!
Myopic is kind.
Purge, and free your mind.

If someone had warned of the peril - in following false prophets' lies
I might have skipped town and gone feral
saw sooner the truths through mine eyes

Sponsored ignorance won't always last
Find a calling or hobby real fast (heh heh)
This is your only life...
Do what you will, but don't do it on high

(c) 2012 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)

YOU WHORE! [15 Apr 2001] (index)

You dirty whore, get out that door
This time I mean it
I don’t want to see you or hear your name
Cry over you anymore

You’ve tarnished my pride, I’m hurting inside
And the wound is so deep, but not as deep as your joy hole
You whore! I’ll say no more
Je suis si dur

You boffed my Dad, my dog, my friends, my Mom
Gave musical head to the band at the prom
I’m through with your games
You know, there’s other dames
We could break up, or make up; still it’d just be the same

I was so young, when we first met, you were an angel
It felt like love at first sight, you spent so many nights in my arms

But before my blind eyes, you were charming new guys
And our love faded fast, while they ravaged your ass
You whore! You’ll get yours, I’m sure
Je suis si dur

(c) 2007 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)


56/35 [02 Apr 1997] (index)

(COP:) Howdy there! Where ya goin’ in such a hurry son?!
I know your kind, and I know what you’ve done
Well, it looks here all your fun has to end a lil’ early tonight
I reckon you done yerself in – won’t do ya no good to fight it

I don’t need this bullshit – pigs were born to fry
All our lives we’re drilled on – how to live and die
Justice represented – by this white bread fuck?!!
And every second stuck here – somehow screws my luck

(JUDGE:) In this, the Great State of North Carolina, we adhere to the highest moral code
Our Law Enforcement officials take pride in sweeping trash like you off the road
What you must understand is that in Civilized Society there are RULES
The Good will live freely – understand you fool?!!

If I had the patience – then again, I don’t
We could make concessions – then again, you won’t
What I need’s a piece now – in these hostile times
But I’m not a killer – only dream sometimes

(c) 2005 Macula Lutea (ASCAP)